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The Malta Kennel Club Show Regulations

The Show Regulations are being presented below and they apply to all members who register an entry for the show.

The Malta Kennel Club brings to the attention of all participants and attendants to the Show that no merchandise or promotional material bearing the name or logo of any dog food is permitted in the Show venue itself unless it is one of the sponsors of the Malta Kennel Club during the current Show Year.Furthermore the promotion of Kennel names, Breeders or Handlers is not allowed in the ring and is being extended to the Show Hall.

The steward is the show manager of the ring.







The Registration Fees for the show are as follows;

Members: - €8.00 per entry for the first three entries and €6.00 for subsequent entries.

Non-Members (foreign Nationals): - €30.00 per entry for the first three entries and €15.00 for all other entries. The registration fee for entries made on the last day will be as follows:

Members:  First  three entries 10 euro per entry and 7.00 euro for subsequent entries

Non Members (Foreign Nationals) 35 euro for the first three entries and 20 euro for all other entries.


 Foreign Nationals who handle dogs not entered by them / belonging to Maltese members will pay a levy of €15.00. for each dog handled

All exhibitors and handlers must be fully paid up members of the Malta Kennel Club.

It is a requirement to the entitlement of a show reward, that all exhibiting dogs are registered with the Malta Kennel Club and microchipped before the show event. The microchip number must be provided with the registration for the show. A dog which is found not microchipped will not be allowed to participate.


Foreign owned dogs must be registered in an organisation recognized by the FCI. Breeds that are banned according to FCI and Maltese legislation cannot participate.


Dogs entering the show venue must be vaccinated against distemper and parvo virus and foreign dogs must also include vaccination against rabies. Documentation for vaccination may be requested by show officials

Dogs entering the show venue must be in good mental and physical health condition and not have signs of illness. Female dogs that show signs to be on heat cannot enter the show venue. If a dog has caught a defect, the exhibitor must have a veterinary certificate available with him during the show venue. If the show officials require a show veterinarian, any treatment must be paid for by the exhibitor.


The Show Classes will be classified as follows: -

·       Puppy Class: - 4 to 9 months of age      (No CAC awarded)

·       Junior Class: - 9 to 18 months of age   (Junior CAC awarded)

·       Intermediate Class: - 15 to 24 months of age (CAC awarded)

·       Open Class: - 15 to 24 months upwards (CAC awarded)

·       Working Class – 15 months and over  (CAC awarded)

·       Veteran Class: - from 8 years upwards (No CAC awarded)

·       Champion Class: (No CAC awarded) - This class is obligatory for those dogs, which have acquired 4 CAC certificates and are therefore classified as Maltese Champions with the exception of veterans. 

Exhibiting dogs can only participate in one Class.  Dogs entered in the Puppy Class will compete only for the Best Puppy In Breed / Best Puppy In Group/Best Puppy In Show. Exhibiting dogs which enter the Junior Class, or the Intermediate Class, or the Open Class, or the Veteran Class, or the Champion Class will compete for the Best Of Breed / Best In Group / Best In Show.

Exhibiting dogs that have been awarded 4 CAC’s will be eligible to become a Maltese Champion Certificate. A dog that is a Champion in an FCI recognized country will only need two CAC’s from Malta to become a Maltese Champion.

Dogs that have been awarded 3 Junior CAC will be eligible to become a Maltese Junior Champion. A dog that is a Junior Champion in an FCI recognised country will only need two Junior CAC’s from Malta to become a Maltese Junior Champion.

Exhibitors are invited to participate in the following Classes :

·         COUPLE CLASS: -          A Male & Female of the same breed and  variety of the same owner

·       GROUP CLASS: -             3 dogs or more of the same breed and variety of the same owner.

Exhibiting dogs eligible for participation in the COUPLE and GROUP Classes, must have participated in one of the PUPPY, JUNIOR, INTERMEDIATE, OPEN, VETERAN or CHAMPION Classes.

Junior members competing in the Junior Handler Competition who have not yet produced their Birth Certificate (that issued by the Public Registry) are kindly requested to do so immediately.

Only foreign nationals residing abroad are allowed to participate without being fully paid up members, however these are to pay the appropriate entry fees.

Exhibiting dogs that place in the following titles will be awarded a trophy only when we have a sponsor as otherwise the groups trophies will not be awarded..







 - BEST COUPLE IN SHOW                       








A written report on the exhibited dog will be available at the judge’s discretion.

Members are reminded that the practice of double handling is not permitted in any Class. Anyone caught carrying out this practice will be penalized, may be asked to leave the show venue and any awards won will be forfeited.

Participation in the Junior Handler Competition requires the obligatory participation of the particular dog in the breed class competition. If, for whatever reason, the dog will not compete in the respective breed class, then the junior concerned will have his/her points forfeited. It is therefore understood that the next junior / juniors in line will be awarded the points of the previous placing accordingly. The junior handler under discipline, is further disallowed to compete in the subsequent show. Any dog found to be unsuitable for handling in the Junior Handler Class will be substituted for the changeover at the Judge’s discretion ONLY.

Members are also reminded to maintain a high standard of cleanliness in the Hall and in the surrounding Grounds. Bins for the disposal of litter will be provided. It is the responsibility of parents to make sure they have full control of their children at all times.

Children must be supervised continuously by their parents and/or their guardian. Children should not be allowed to enter areas which are not allocated for the show venue.  Any damages caused by children  are to be borne by their parent/s, or guardians.

Exhibitors are reminded that they should wear attire fit to exhibit dogs in the show ring. For your guidance an attire attributed to a ‘smart casual’ should be observed. (Exhibitors should not be scantily dressed)

Any members of the Club or the general public entering the show venue are reminded that support to exhibitors in the ring is restricted only to clapping. No shouting, whistling or any other noise is allowed in the ring.

Exhibitors or members of the public that bring dogs in the show venue are requested to be in control of their pets and are asked to be responsible for their actions and will have to meet expenses if their dogs cause damages in the venue or to third parties.

No person is permitted to bring alcohol in the Show Venue or its surrounding areas which are the responsibility of the Club during the event. Persons should be aware that they are free to consume alcohol in the designated bar area of the Cottonera Sports Complex. Any person who consumes alcohol in the Show venue or has consumed alcohol in excessive quantity that disturbs other participants, judging or the spectators or behaves in a manner not fit for the venue will be subject to disciplinary action.

Once a competitor or handler has entered the ring and judging has started it is strictly forbidden to change the handler for any reason whatsoever.  Disciplinary action will follow if this happens.

In the Puppy and Adult Group classes, Best Puppy in Show and Best in Show, competitors and handlers can only show the dog with which they have entered the ring.  Hanging and handling of other dogs is NOT permitted.



JUNIOR CHAMPION : To become a Junior Champion a dog needs 3 Junior Champion Certificates. But if the dog is a Junior Champion of another FCi member country then only 2 Jnr.Champion certificates are needed.

MALTA CHAMPION: To become a Malta Champion a dog needs 4 CACs but If the dog is already a Champion of another FCI member country then only 2 CAC certificates are needed to become a Maltese Champion.

Junior Champion Certiificates are not transferable or exchanged for CACs

We wish all our members an enjoyable weekend at our show.